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Q: What can I do with Cherrydeck?

A: Cherrydeck is a community of selected creative professionals. We offer you a listing service for your Instagram account, so that brands, agencies, and galleries can find people like you and check out your portfolio without knowing your Instagram name.

Once you have an account on Cherrydeck, you also have access to the Marketing toolbox where you can use all the tools to optimize and grow your Instagram presence. And last, but not least, all Cherrydeck members also receive Opportunities newsletters and apply for cool open jobs, commissioned opportunities, and be the first to collect deals through our various partners.

Profile and Listing

Q: What happened when I listed my Instagram profile on Cherrydeck?

A: By listing your profile on Cherrydeck, you have a chance to show your work to brands, agencies, and people who are interested in hiring creative professionals as well as to other creative fellows who might be looking for collaborations.

Q: Can I have my profile listed in more that one location?

A: Yes. With Cherrydeck full membership, you can add a second location under ‘travel city‘ directly on your profile. Once you’ve done this your profile will instantly be visible for search results of that city.

Q: How do I make my profile show up on the top of a search result?

A: The search results are ranked based on engagement on Cherrydeck. Any interaction with your profile like someone viewing your profile, saving it, or someone clicking on one of your Cherrylink links, will add to your ranking score.
To rank high in search results, try sharing your profile on social media or with friends, make sure your Cherrylink is set up and included in your Instagram bio, and encourage other people to save your profile.

Q: How do I update my profile media?

A: In your profile, you have an ‘update media’ button. If you click on it, you will be able to choose new content for your profile from your Instagram posts.
If you’d like to add more than 9 pieces of media to your profile, consider creating an album!

Q: What’s an album on my profile?

A: An album is a way of presenting all your work relating to a specific topic / shoot / project in one convenient location. You can add a short description, and publicly show it on your profile by toggling the ‘public’ switch to active. Think of it as a small portfolio.


Q: What is CherryLink? and how does it work?

A: Cherrylink is a marketing tool to help you showcase all your relevant work in your Instagram profile. Instagram only allows you to put one link into your bio, which can be very limiting if you have multiple projects to share.
Cherrylink allows you to create a clickable menu of all the places your work is being displayed, reachable through a single link in your Instagram bio. You can find it in your marketing toolbox.

Q: What are Cherrydeck engagement groups?

A: Cherrydeck Engagement Groups are a community-driven tool to enhance your reach on Instagram through authentic engagement.
In these groups, members participate in so-called ‘Engagement rounds’, by commenting on and liking other participant’s Instagram posts, therefore giving it a higher engagement rate on Instagram and helping each other rank higher on the explore feed and in hashtags.

Opportunities and promotion

Q: How do I get featured on Cherrydeck homepage or Instagram?

A: You need to show us your best content. We hand-pick the creatives we feature. As a full member, you have the chance to ‘nudge’ us to take a look at your content. Once we feature you, you will be notified by email / Instagram notification.

Q: What’s Cherrydeck Opportunities?

A: We work together with carefully selected clients to send you opportunities once a month. These can be projects where a client is looking for a creative professional, but also exclusive community events, or collaboration requests.
To apply, unless explicitly stated otherwise, you need to be signed up as a full member.

Q: How does Cherrydeck Opportunities work?

A: When we send out the opportunities newsletter, we include application links in there. In the application, please make sure to read the questions carefully and provide a portfolio of relevant work for the opportunity.
Once the application deadline is reached, we send a shortlist of the best portfolios to the client, who can then reach out to the creative professional they would like to work with.
You will be notified if you have been selected for the shortlist.

Q: Do I have to pay a commissioned fee to Cherrydeck if I get a job?

A: No, we do not take commission fees.

Q: Can I apply to an open opportunity if I don’t have a full membership?

A: Some of the opportunities are open to all members to apply for. These opportunities will be clearly highlighted as such. All others are only available to full members to apply to.

Q: How do I get featured on Cherrydeck blog?

A: We sometimes feature users on the blog. To get featured on our blog, you need to have an interesting story to tell, and provide good images of what you documented. Take a look through our blog post to get an understanding of what kind of content we are looking for 😉


Q: Why can’t I log in to Cherrydeck?

A: When logging into Cherrydeck, please make sure you are logged into the correct Instagram account in your browser / on the device you are using to access Cherrydeck. If you are, and it still won’t let you log in, please shoot us a message at