“One Dress” is a photo series by Kaśka Jankiewicz, aimed at steering away from the traditional poses and shedding light on transparency. The intent is to show that the same piece of clothing can change its appearance through the different people and their stories.

The photo series “One Dress” is a raw and intriguing project by Kaśka Jankiewicz.

Kaśka’s goal was to show clarity and transparency through portraying four different women wearing the same dress. With the experiment, the photographer achieved an upkeep of the subjectivity and personalities of the women.

I didn’t intend to create images that would contrast or harmonise with each other.

Kaśka Jankiewicz

Without pre-assumptions and staying open to interpretation, Kaśka did not tell the models how to pose or present themselves. The artistry found in the images was therefore left open to the four women, fully reflecting their true feelings at attitudes. Take a look!

Kaśka Jankiewicz
Kaśka Jankiewicz
Kaśka Jankiewicz

As the images present that same dress on different women, the viewer is more accountable for their expressions. When glancing at the photographs, the varying moods from the women can be described as of admiration, melancholy, confidence, and selflessness.

Furthermore, Kaśka believes that the different emotional states presented do not only reflect the current attitude, but also the cycle of growing up. Something that all the different stages of life have in common is the fact they are comforted by the same attire. This aspect touches on the intent of the photo series: clothing cannot hide the transparency of someone’s feelings.

A universal story about the cycle of growing up – from child egoism to being conscious with others.

Kaśka Jankiewicz

Kaśka dedicates the project to smart design. According to her, beautiful pieces made from strong or natural fabrics can be a part of our wardrobe for a long time. They can accompany us at various stages of growing up, or be passed from generation to generation.

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Kaśka Jankiewicz is a Berlin-based fashion, still life, and portrait photographer and retoucher. Driven by her sincere passion for storytelling, Kaśka works with a vast variety of gear – from her vintage Minolta, to polaroids, to modern digitals. Holding a Masters degree in Art History, many of her projects contain references to old paintings — you just have to look closely!

To see more of Kaśka’s work, visit her Cherrydeck profile or her website, here. To see more projects reflecting transparency, take a look at “Skin Deep” by Klara Fowler or “The Worst Poem in The Universe” by Chris Hoare. 🍒

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