Wondering what will shape content marketing in the upcoming year? Here are the 8 biggest content marketing trends that will dominate 2021.

Content marketing is a type of marketing that aims to attract a target audience through relevant and valuable content. It is an often used strategy as it is proved to be more efficient than traditional marketing — attracting future customers by first providing some sort of value to them.

Traditional marketing such as printed media, telemarketing, billboards, and TV ads, is great but it is a general approach, as there is no interaction with the consumer and no specific value provided.

Especially for brands whose audience is the younger generation, content marketing becomes highly important because it can be customisable, interactive and enables a future relationship. Young audiences will not buy an approach that is generic and that does not speak to them on the channels they use the most.

Content marketing trends you should follow in 2021

1. Social media is still king

Sharing your content on social media means you are reaching people who already confirmed they are interested in hearing from you. These platforms allow you not only to communicate with your most relevant audience at zero cost, they also provide you a space where your content can be shared by others and reach new relevant individuals.

Besides the reach highly interesting possibilities, social media allows you to interact directly with your customers and show behind the scenes, which helps crafting strong brand-customer relationships.

content marketing trends in 2021
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2. Podcasts are a must

Podcasts are one of the most fascinating content marketing strategies — and have been increasing their popularity in the recent decade.

Podcasts can be heard while performing almost any task at different times of the day: people listen to podcasts at the gym, while cooking, housekeeping, or on commute. They are informative, entertaining, and allow anyone to get relevant content while on the go.

For businesses, they can help them attracting the right people while establishing brands as experts in their industries. Discussing the news and trends in a certain niche is relevant and will keep you in people’s mind as a source of relevant content. Plus, it helps building a more defined brand voice and personality.

👉 Listen to Cherrydeck’s CEO talking about the photography industry on the Fashion Photography Podcast, here.

3. Be present on video

YouTube is, after Google, the most visited website worldwide and TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform at the moment. On Instagram, the Stories feature is the most used and IGTV as well as the recent Reels are also being widely adopted.

Video is easy to consume and it allows companies to show their human side. If well thought and executed, video content is also much more likely to go viral. When considering livestreams, this type of media can be great for real-time interaction and relationship building with customers.

4. Make the most out of user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is not a new trend but it is here to stay. The advantages of using content created by customers are numerous. It not only gives businesses a break from producing their own content, it also allows to show products and services in a more authentic way and reward brand fans through featuring them on the company’s channels.

At Cherrydeck, we post purely UGC on our Instagram page and have seen a constant and exponential growth coming from this strategy. We feel it has helped us to reward our members and build stronger relationships with them.

5. Carousel posts on Instagram

The carousel posts are interesting for marketing purposes because they include several pictures in one single post — they are basically a slideshow of photos. Carousel posts allow businesses to show multiple photos of products, but have recently also consisted of a creative way to share informative content.

6. Prioritise a visual approach

The content experience is increasingly important and a good experience is only achieved when the visual approach is a priority too. Content needs not only to be relevant but also visually appealing.

Nowadays, there are several user-friendly editing programs, such as Canva, that make it possible to beautify any kind of data and make it appealing and easy to digest.

7. Mix marketing channels and break boundaries

A recent trend seen on Instagram is to take screenshots to tweets from Twitter and share them on the Instagram feed on top of a colour block. This type of content has proved to be highly shareable and is many times used for humour purposes.

At the same time, many brands are also now taking advantage of the Reels feature to post content they would usually only upload to Tiktok. This recycling of content can be done with almost everything. When considering text-based content, it is possible to take short pieces of a longer article and include them in a visually appealing carousel post on social media, for instance.

8. Craft an individual brand voice

People have been increasingly using voice search and there is still a lot of optimisation that can be done on the brand’s side. As of January 2018, the number of monthly voice searches reached over one billion.

To leverage this trend, brands should read their content out loud and make sure to use a simple and understandable language. Consider how people speak and how we would formulate questions, and then simply use these sentences throughout text and titles.

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These were the 8 biggest content marketing trends that will dominate 2021. If you need help creating great visual content for your channels, at Cherrydeck we offer you a pool of creatives tailored to your marketing needs. Have a look at our offering here or get in touch with a team representative. 🍒

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