Karl Forsberg was the photographer selected by the agency TBWA/Chiat/Day to capture images for the Google Cloud Referral Campaign for Spotify.

In 2009, Karl Forsberg decided to turn his passion for photography into his profession. Shooting primarily commercial assignments, often involving portraits and still photography, Karl applied for the Google Cloud referral campaign for Spotify. Describing the Cherrydeck application process as being easy and stating that everything happened quickly – as he soon received a call from the agency, TBWA/Chiat/Day, discovering he had been selected to photograph the campaign.

It was a really great and unusual experience!

Karl Forsberg

The customer was Google Cloud, based in Los Angeles, who had traveled to Stockholm to do a customer campaign with Spotify. The aim of the campaign was to share the rate at which Spotify and its innovation is growing. Alongside shooting pictures for the campaign, Karl was also asked to a VIP portrait and environment pictures of the Spotify office.

The project spanned over four days – two days in Stockholm, a travel day, and a day in Gothenburg – shooting content in several locations. Karl was required to work alongside a film team capturing still photography of actors, and portraits of interviewees. The assignment, however, proved to be quite challenging as the still-pictures had to be captured “over the shoulder”- without being in the way of the other team members.

It was very fun to meet with all the people on set from USA; the client and agency, and also the Swedish film production team, actors and interviews.

Karl Forsberg

With the job being commissioned through Cherrydeck in Hamburg, and with Karl’s involvement with a Swedish film team and Danish producer, the project marked as being the most international work he has participated in so far.

Photography google cloud
Spotify Google Cloud campaign

Karl is a Swedish photographer living in Gothenburg, Sweden, who was selected to capture Google Cloud’s referral campaign for Spotify. Describing his career-path as quite varied, Karl started out as a design engineer but throughout the last 25 years has been working within the communication field – from copywriter to creative director, and has eventually become the owner of an advertising agency. However, the financial crisis in 2008 resulted in Karl becoming a self-employed marketing creative, after being forced to dismiss most of his employees.

Karl mostly photographs people in different contexts and environments, typically encompassing the aspects of lifestyle, business or work-life, and fashion and beauty – in which portraits play a fundamental part.

To know more about the campaign for which Karl took the photos, visit the Google Cloud website. To see more of Karl’s work visit his Cherrydeck profile or his Instagram account.

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