August is the summer month by excellence and that asks for a refreshing summer-breeze-like selection of Cherrydeck talents!

This week we make our hail to the hottest season of the year with a great collection of photographic work by incredible Cherrydeck members. From sandy beaches to sun-touched skins, this summer picture series will make you want to jump on the next plane and head to the closest holiday destination!

But before you start searching for flights, scroll down and check out all the 26 beautiful images. Enjoy! ☀️

Alicia Pastor Ferrando | Valencia, Spain
Cem Guenes | Berlin, Germany
Alessia Morellini | Modena, Italy
Abe Raats | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Alessandro Scarano | Naples, Italy
Kim van Aalderen | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Teresa Horstmann | Hamburg, Germany
Max D’Orsogna | Berlin, Germany
Colette Pomerleau | Berlin, Germany
Susi Einzenberger | Vienna, Austria
Daniel Weigel | Berlin, Germany
Graeme Haunholter | Calgary, Canada
Ophelie Rondeau | London, UK
Angel Pardal | Valencia, Spain
Jack Davis | Sydney, Australia
Felipe Dias | Salvador, Brazil
Annabell Sievert | Berlin, Germany
Kalindy Williams | Melbourne, Australia
Suzanne Mateboer | Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nina Menzel | Berlin, Germany
Micha Serraf | Cape Town, South Africa
Giuseppe Riccardi | Naples, Italy
Chihiro Otsuka | Berlin, Germany
Carl van der Linde | Cape Town, South Africa
Francesco Pipitone | Naples, Italy
Yianni Aspradakis | Sydney, Australia

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