Alessandra Desolé‘s images are as colourful as humorous. Always with an extra hint of provocation, the photographer’s work is shaped by her vision of the world, her irony, and even Mukbang, resulting in highly creative representations of her subjects.

Born in Sardinia and since 2010 living and working in Milan, the Italian photographer Alessandra Desolé defines herself as a lover of contemporary art and urban movements. With a focus on food and still life photography, Alessandra approaches the art of making images with a pinch of pop culture, irony, and graphic contaminations.

“A Woman Story” (depicted below) – as well as her entire portfolio – is a research work. It is a huge puzzle under construction, always waiting for the addition of new pieces to compose it and continue the narrative.

“A Woman Story” – by Alessandra Desolé

“I am a woman and every photo represents aspects of my life and my character. I guess it can be considered a continuous self-portrait, in which in each photo something is told about me.”

“For instance, the boxing glove holding the red roses represents my passion for boxing (that I practice in an amateur way) and symbolizes my very strong and passionate character. On the other hand, the roses represent my tenderness – always with thorns though!”

“A Woman Story”: No pink tax concept – by Alessandra Desolé

“A Woman Story” – by Alessandra Desolé

“A Woman Story”: Feminine abstract concept – by Alessandra Desolé

“I am inspired by all sorts of objects, sometimes kitsch or unusual, sometimes commonly used, or sometimes simple foods. Then I always combine them with geometric and very colourful backgrounds, pink being one of the examples. Even if I’m not a great lover of this color, I tend to use it to deconstruct the cliché and dismantle its meaning.”

“I consider still life or traditional food photography very boring and that is why I have chosen this approach and always try to make heavy use of colors. With irony, I try to represent my vision of the world: using the cliché with boldness, without fear, making fun of it and creating something of a kind.”

“A Woman Story”: Collage art in a surreal mood – by Alessandra Desolé

“A Woman Story”: A woman strength – by Alessandra Desolé

“A Woman Story” – by Alessandra Desolé

“My entire work came to life a few years ago when I started getting passionate about Korean and Japanese “Mukbang” videos that are now so fashionable on Youtube. “Mukbang” has become a social phenomenon, where boys in front of their cameras swallow huge quantities of food, almost obsessively, in front of millions of users online.”

“From here, my research was born. From these videos, I absorbed the variety of colors in the food, the approach, and the social and vaguely naive character — all big elements of my work.

“Ice Cream?” – by Alessandra Desolé

“Ice Cream?” – by Alessandra Desolé

Through my work, I started deep diving into this new food culture rising from social media. It goes from the enormous massification of food photos shared on social networks, the so-called <<foodporn>>, to the continuous obsession with social acceptance, with the likes, and with having those <<15 minutes of fame>>.

People aim not only to earn money but also social prestige through an audience that is constantly there to look at you and to give you the illusion you are not alone.”

“Ice Cream?” – by Alessandra Desolé

“Ice Cream?” – by Alessandra Desolé

To see more of Alessandra’s work, check out her Cherrydeck profile or her personal website, here. For more art and inspiration, feel free to make a visit to our homepage. Have a great day! 🍒

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