35mm photography is a trend all over. Kids everywhere have adopted the retro style storytelling into their daily lives. But not only private passions are captured on film, the professional industry is thriving on the most recent “ugly trend” in fashion, where raw snapshots are very much appreciated and part of the marketing strategy of brands.

One guy might be the king of 35mm style: Florian Schüppel, a photographer from Hamburg, Germany. Clients like Heineken, New Balance and Lufthansa have booked the tall humorist for his unique style – and his film collections perfectly recite his one of a kind methodology of success – literally catching real moments.

Florian Schueppel 35mm photo girl licking foot
Florian Schueppel 35mm man squatting on table
Florian Schueppel 35mm girl eating vegetable
Florian Schueppel 35mm legs in the sun
Florian Schueppel 35mm man in white robe
Florian Schueppel 35mm two people kissing
Florian Schueppel 35mm boy and big dog
Florian Schueppel 35mm two people kissing 2

You can find Florian’s complete 35mm portfolio on his website. Spoiler: there’s a bunch of other cool stuff waiting for you!

Posted by:Philipp Baumgaertel

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