Check out all the new things Cherrydeck has to offer. Introducing the Cherrydeck Roadmap and features launch!

A few months ago, we launched Cherrydeck and committed to helping photographers who are presenting themselves on Instagram. We wanted to ease several pain points you experience when using Instagram to showcase your work and ultimately help you get the most out of Instagram as a marketing tool

The first obvious problem is the issue of visibility. Because there is so much of everything on Instagram, your great content hardly gets discovered. So, we tackled this with the search directory solution, a kind of Yellow Pages for Instagram, and tested our idea with photographers. Within less than six months of the first rollout, tens of thousands of photographers joined. Our beta has received overwhelmingly positive responses and we couldn’t be more pleased.  

After months of going through feedback from thousands of photographers from across the world (thank you!), countless hours of brainstorming, coding, and testing, we’re excited to share with you what’s in the pipeline. 

The Cherrydeck Roadmap ( see more in details below or go directly in your profile.)

On top of the existing basic Cherrydeck Search Directory, we’ve built several new features that will help you reach a bigger audience and show them your work. They include: 

Cherrydeck Advanced (3)

#1 Profile Extension. Tell your story in a better way

Here’s a new way for you to give people a better overview of your professional personality and work. With the new Cherrydeck Profile Extension, you can add:

  • a direct link to your website so you can showcase your full portfolio alongside with your Instagram, building effective backlinks to your content
  • a short SEO optimized bio to tell profile visitors what you are all about.


#2 Add your travel plans and reach people in your destinations 

You can now add a second location, for example, one you travel to. This function also allows you to appear in searches of your travel locations and get discovered by more people looking to connect with creatives in those places.

#3 Direct promotion opportunities on our homepage

In order to further help you amplify your personal brand, we hand-pick great profiles to take advantage of our quality traffic and get featured prominently on our homepage. As an Advanced user, you can now directly “poke” us to take a look at your profile and give you that extra exposure you deserve – right on our front page

#4 Get featured on our Instagram account

On top of getting promoted on our homepage, we also would like to give you a chance to get featured on our Instagram feed and get more exposure from our fast-growing follower base in a quick and easy way. Simply upload a picture you’d like us to share along with a few words about it. Once the picture is chosen for posting, you’ll be notified via email and Instagram through credit tagging.

#5 Be found in more work categories (coming soon)

We understand that as a photographer, you may work in various fields and you can now add one more category to your work. By adding a third work category, you now have the opportunity to define your field of work more accurately and appear in search results more often. 

#6 Go straight to the top (coming soon)

As the Cherrydeck community grows bigger, we want to give you the opportunity to stand out. This feature makes sure you appear at the top of search results to help you get discovered by the right people on Cherrydeck.

Instagram Toolbox (1)

Instagram toolbox — Everything you need in one place 
#7 Add Multiple Links to your bio on Instagram with CherryLink 

CherryLink is a customizable link, that expands to multiple content destinations so you can direct your followers to the right content and pages right from your Instagram bio! The set up is simple and you can add up to five links easily from your Cherrydeck profile. A smart way of connecting your Instagram with your website, shop, videos an so on.

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 8.23.46 PM

#8 Get deep insights of your audience with AI-powered CherryAudit

CherryAudit is an AI-powered Instagram follower analysis that helps you better understand your audience and take the right approach. We use machine learning to find behavior patterns that correspond with real people vs automated bots or sporadic usage. Along with your audience credibility, demographic summary, and engagement authenticity, we also offer insights and suggestions for you to follow in order to build meaningful followers and grow your account. In other words: don’t make Instagram a guessing game.



#9 Broaden your opportunity horizon, say HELLO to Artists, Art Directors, Models & more

By the end of this fall, we will be welcoming other creative professionals to Cherrydeck, starting with Artists, Art Directors, Models, and more. As we all know, Instagram is a great place to get inspiration and discover creative professionals across disciplines. We want to combine this with our search structure, help you connect with other creative professionals more efficiently and make it easier to collaborate.  The listing of newcomers will also be hand-picked, on the application basis.

We are very excited to introduce these features and we can’t thank you enough for helping make this happen by providing invaluable feedback in the past months.  Head to your profile to discover it, here!

Thank you for reading and enjoy the new features! 🍒


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